Bil Gear Shift Hoved Gear, automatgear, LED-Touch Belyst Gear Shift Hoved Med USB Oplader Og Data Kabel

Tags: ændre knop, dildo gear knop, miata na gear knop, bora, universal vintage gear skift knop, logitech usb-shifter, fanatec rat, gear knop skift, knop led, lg usb data kabel.

kr155.26 kr194.08
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  • Oprindelse: KN(Oprindelse)
  • Item Længde: 9cm
  • Element Type: Gear Skift Knop
  • Element Vægt: 0.4kg
  • Ekstern Afprøvning, Certificering: ce
  • Specielle Funktioner: Universal Type
  • Adapter Model: Universal manuel transmission uden knappen automatisk transmission
  • Item Højde: 9cm
  • Materiale Type: Ægte Læder
  • År: 2019
  • Item Bredde: 5cm
  • Model Navn: Bil, lastbil ændret gearskifte hoved

The SPB reached 1,5 months. Packed well, the handle itself in a beautiful black box. at first glance it looks quality and beautiful. But with detailed consideration you understand that a simple cheap pen. Glows beautifully, as in the picture. Generally normal. On Citroen C4 did not fit, I had to "dorobatat a file", or rather, a drill for 11 gently drill the inner diameter. If you drill, be sure to remove the top cover, so as not to damage the wiring of the LEDs, well, the bottom ring for convenience. They're just getting out. After that, the village is normal, but still not until the end, because. The handle is slightly smaller than the regular one. In general, satisfied, beautiful and pleasant. Before installing, I charged completely at home from the network. How much is charging to say difficult, at 23 hours put on the charge, at 4 am it was already full charged. How long will it take to see. Who wants to-boldly take it, but be ready for small improvements, because. The handle is not individual, but universal to all machines.

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